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A growing mind and body require energy to function at their highest potential. That is why we choose Aden, a leading foodservice company with over 20 years of operational experience in China, as our catering services provider. Our menus are designed for optimal nutrition and healthy caloric intake. We try to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and preferences with daily Asian, Western, Mediterranean and vegetarian options. Pupil safety is priority number one at Wellington. Therefore, ingredients that may trigger food intolerances are posted prominently on our menus. Out of consideration for the health and safety of all pupils, Wellington also strives to maintain a nut-free environment.  
Healthcare centre
To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils and staff members, Wellington College has a thoroughly equipped healthcare centre operated by fully qualified nursing professionals. Our nursing team are on hand full-time to administer first aid and, when needed, any authorised prescription medications your child may require. We also depend on our nurses to promote and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment.
School buses
For the convenience of our pupils and parents, we provide a daily school bus service in cooperation with Shanghai Peixing Transportation Service Co. Ltd. Our service operates 130 pickup points in Puxi and 70 in Pudong. Each bus is staffed with a locally employed bus monitor, who manages the children's behaviour and is responsible for their safety and wellbeing during the journey.
Wellington College International Shanghai has a mandatory uniform policy. Our school uniform is an expression of the Wellington identity. It promotes a sense of pride in our school and fosters solidarity among our pupils. Pupils are expected to present themselves in a neat, clean, understated and professional manner at all times.


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