Tuition Fees
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Our fees cover day-to-day tuition, use of text and library books, public examination fees, basic stationery and general educational materials appropriate to the particular year group. They also cover sports, physical education, compulsory field trips and participation in most co-curricular activities (some activities require a nominal fee).

Tuition fees do not include the costs of school lunches, uniform or transportation, individual music instrument tuition and voluntary trips and events.


Tuition Fees For 2020-2021

Year Group Annual Fee Michaelmas Term Lent Term Summer Term
Nursery / Reception RMB 242,000 RMB 101,640 RMB 76,230 RMB 76,230
Years 1-5 RMB 270,000 RMB 113,400 RMB 85,050 RMB 85,050
Year 6 RMB 281,000 RMB 118,020 RMB 88,515 RMB 88,515
Years 7-9 RMB 299,000 RMB 125,580 RMB 94,185 RMB 94,185
Years 10-11 RMB 318,000 RMB 133,560 RMB 100,170 RMB 100,170
Years 12-13 RMB 328,000 RMB 137,760 RMB 103,320 RMB 103,320


Fee Schedule

Our full fee schedule can be downloaded here.