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What makes a great pantomime dame?

26 November 2020

[wellington_wistia]xq96vzkj5n[/wellington_wistia] “You have to have a good sense of timing to push the comedy, but there’s absolutely nothing subtle about the role. You can’t be subtle in the way you look and in the way you act. A man dressed in an eye-popping collection of outrageous costumes is utterly over the top. It’s over-acting, if you like, all played to the audience! You have to also have this great sense of fun. If you enjoy it, I’m absolutely sure the audience will enjoy it. All the cast have to go on there and have a good time. The Dames' job is to have a great rapport with the audience and bring out the humour, the Dame is the comedic role throughout. In the UK Pantomime is a traditional Christmas event for the whole family. Children have grown up with it, I also think it’s a great form of escapism and what a brilliant way to introduce children to theatre. At Wellington we have a tradition too of providing family entertainment at Christmas time. What better way to bring the family together for a night of rollicking fun!"

Helen Heatley, Director.

All we want for Christmas is for Cinderella to go to the ball! Tickets now available for this year’s classic Cinderella but with a fun twist “A Budget Cinderella” with no pumpkins, coaches or glass slippers but with –  almost the same story and plenty of slapstick and humour. Families can now gather together and enjoy a good old-fashioned fairytale – Oh yes they can! Dates for our Upper Prep Pantomime- Wellington College Theatre.

  • 2nd December 6pm
  • 3rd December 6pm
  • 4th December 6pm

The Upper Prep Panto sells out in a flash, book early, scan the QR code!