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Welcome to your future | The sixth form at Wellington

06 September 2018
[wellington_wistia]o211029ix8[/wellington_wistia] The sixth form at Wellington is a transformational time for our pupils. It is not only academically demanding as they take on the IB Diploma but also an important two years of development and discovery where they begin to prepare for life beyond Wellington. Within the Senior School, we are aware that our job is greater than academics alone. We are conscious that we must also help pupils navigate challenges, be successful as they pursue higher education, all while developing a greater sense of independence, identity and personal responsibility. We know we won’t always be there to tell them what to do, but we can help them find their own answers. And ultimately when Wellingtonians complete the sixth form and leave us, we hope they will have found the inspiration to follow their passions, develop their talents and choose to become the best versions of themselves, ready for what their future holds.   More relevant articles :