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Summer Reading

28 June 2018
Summer break is here and while we’re all no doubt looking forward to a long break full of lazy mornings, exciting excursions and some well-deserved relaxing, the holidays are also a prime opportunity to make time for reading. Whether you’re looking to discover new knowledge, explore new worlds or enjoy a captivating story, there’s never any shortage of books, only time to read them. The following summer reading recommendations are courtesy of Wellington’s fantastic librarian, Pippa Jacobi, who has something for every age group, as well as a suggestion for parents too. Enjoy the break and be sure to pick up a book!  


I’m Going to Eat this Ant
Author: Chris Naylor-Ballesteros
A stylish, funny tale of an anteater who gets bored of eating ants….
A Day with Dogs
Author: Dorothee de Monfreid
A lovely story about dogs featuring great illustrations and lots of new words.
Anywhere Farm
Author: Phyllis Root
You can build a farm anywhere and plant it with anything, a great rhyming book to read (out loud too) – a good read for the outdoor months.

Lower Prep

Author: Neil Gaiman
Gaiman’s fable about a princess who cannot see and will not talk; all sorts of people are brought in to attempt to help her, but the hero of the story is a tiger. Beautifully illustrated.
Hilo – The Boy Who Crashed to Earth 
Author: Judd Winick
There are three other adventures in this popular graphics series.
Lots –The Diversity of Life on Earth 
Author: Nicola Davies
Delicate illustrations – the more we look, the more we find. This book will keep you busy for hours, again and again.
Mr.Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder 
Author: Alom Shaha
Feed your curiosity by opening this book and the kitchen cupboards on a rainy day. Written by a science teacher who will help provide you with answers to Why/What/How?

Upper Prep

Author: David Long
A large hardback but if you have room for it in your suitcase, there will be something in it for everyone. These are classic tales and modern exploits, real-life stories of extreme survival.
What not to do if you turn Invisible 
Author: Ross Welford
Poor Ethel doesn’t want to be seen when she gets acne – so she makes herself invisible. It’s great fun at first, but it doesn’t last forever – funny and full of surprises.
The Secret of the Blue Glass 
Author: Tomiko Inui
A classic story about a magical miniature family’s adventures in war time Japan. This is a quirkier version of an old favorite, The Borrower's.


Author: Lucy Christopher
A book loosely based on The Tempest. Isolated on a remote island with her father when two strange boys wash up on the shore as a cataclysmic storm brews, Moss has to open her eyes and learn the truth aboutthe Old World.
Secrets in the Fire 
Author: Henning Mankell
An outstanding story of courage, dramatizing the landmine issue in Mozambique, if you read this book, you will want to know the rest of this frightened girl's story. You can – Playing with Fire & The Fury in the Fire follow her story to adulthood.

Young Adult

Reservoir 13  
Author: Jon McGregor
An award-winning book that tells the story of the many lives haunted by the disappearance of a young girl in a small rural community. Another year passes with every chapter (there are 13).Life goes on, cows need to be milked, Christmas carols have to be sung, people grow apart and people get together. Children grow up.


The Children of Dynmouth 

Author: William Trevor
A dark and chilling tale which will make you think about how you are bringing up your children and in what kind of society. Sinister and threatening. Are we creating monsters or do they have a place in this world?