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Calling all elite athletes, musicians and performers

12 March 2018
In addition to the academic IB scholarship, Wellington recognises and rewards the pursuit and achievement of excellence of our pupils in the categories of Sports and Arts (music, drama, dance and musical theatre). Awards provide free specialist tuition or coaching and other benefits for the pupils. In addition, awards may be complemented by a bursary on the basis of a means test. Arts scholarships (music, dance, drama or musical theatre) Scholarships are designed to support pupils who display talent in developing their skills. They are not automatically given to the best technical performers, but to those that show passion for the area and whom we judge to be independent, good role-models and ambassadors for the disciplines. With the honour of being a scholar comes a responsibility to the College and the community; to participate and lead within the artistic life of the school.   Sports scholarships This award is designed for pupils who are passionate about sport. We want our pupils to be the role models that inspire confidence in others. Both the Upper Prep and Senior award encapsulate both excellence in sport and in leadership. As an upper Prep scholar, pupils will build a solid foundation of participation in sport; the Senior programme will enhance applications for colleges and universities, as well as create avenues into various sports and coaching roles.   For external candidates, please email for more information. For current pupils, please contact Mr Larsen-Disney or Mr Starbrook directly.