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They sang, they danced, they climbed every mountain!

12 December 2017
Fifty-five pupils from years 7 to 13 were involved in this year’s whole college  musical The Sound of Music which played in front of over 1600 people. To say I am proud of the cast for their momentous effort and professionalism, would be an understatement. Having directed this show 3 times, I can honestly say this was the best cast and crew I have every had the privilege of working with. From the lead roles to the smallest parts on stage, everyone understood that their contribution was vital to creating a sense of truth and the illusion of reality. Thanks, must also go to the technical crew and the show band, without whom the show would not have happened and to the entire creative team, made up of some very dedicated and talented adults who supported the entire production. This exceptional production underlines how the performing arts are going from strength to strength at Wellington College. Not only do we have talented singers, dancers and actors among our pupils, they are also extremely well supported in every way needed to bring a theatrical production to life. Huge congratulations must go to everyone involved in this year’s The Sound of Music, as your hard work and dedication resulted in a production that was a delight for all ages. No doubt we’ll all be taking a leaf out of Maria’s book and will be whistling, humming and singing these classic, feelgood songs for weeks to come.   Michael Larsen-Disney Director of Arts