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SISAC finals for Senior Girls Netball rounds off a great season

24 October 2017
SISAC finals for Senior Girls Netball rounds off a great season Since the beginning of term, our Wellington netball teams have trained hard as we attempt to become the best we can possibly be. Last weekend, on the 15th of October, we went to SISAC finals which were hosted at Nord Anglia International School. The ‘A’ team played a total of three games and placed 5th out of eight teams across Shanghai. All the games were tough, especially against Dulwich College Shanghai and Nord Anglia, but we continued to work really hard, resulting in a close game against BISS Puxi team 1 and a great outcome against BISS Puxi team 2. Playing against BISS Puxi team was a new experience for us as a team. We nervously yet excitedly stepped onto the court, but once we scored our first point, there was no stopping us. Our confidence grew and by the game's end we had scored 17 points more than the opposition! This was the first time we had ever won by such a margin. Every player had the motivation and determination to push themselves as hard as they could, and no one let their concentration lapse even for a moment. This is what makes our Wellington ‘A’ team so special. For every game we play, we have awards for two players that deserve a special mention: one chosen by the coaches and one by the players themselves. These awards are given to the players that have demonstrated themselves to be able to adjust their play, keep their heads held high no matter what and, most importantly, put in the required time and effort during all training sessions. For the SISAC finals, the players-player award went to Coco Brandini, for her outstanding performance in Goal Attack, her positive attitude and her great teamwork skills that helped the team gel. The coaches-player award went to Heather, for the impressive adaptations she made to her game in the face of different opposition, her high level of skill demonstrated in the Goal Shooter position working alongside Coco, and her depth of knowledge about netball that allowed her to help other team members to refine their tactical approach. Overall, SISAC was a great experience for all of us. It was so much fun and we cannot wait for the upcoming ACAMIS tournament on the 27th of October. Anya (Year 12) and Coco (Year 10)