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Year 13 Science Stars provide hands-on experiments for younger pupils

09 March 2017
During Science Week, four of our top IB science pupils – Shirley Park, Elisa Dalle Piagge, Joseph Cooper and Joseph Hua – decided to put on a demonstration of several short but dramatic experiments followed by a hands-on participation session to get many of the younger Wellingtonians excited about the practical applications of their chosen subject. “We’re all very passionate about science, all four of us are hoping to get into science-related careers, so we thought that it would be great to show some of the younger pupils how exciting and interesting it can be,” explained Elisa. On the Friday, the team of four delivered an engaging science show involving many of the larger experiments that they wanted to showcase, such as creating giant elephant toothpaste, dry ice and luminol. On Wednesday, they led a more active lab-based ‘science fair’, where pupils from Upper Prep and Senior Years could get stuck in and carry out the experiments themselves, with some friendly guidance from the Year 13s. “It was interesting to see how different age groups were interested in different things. The younger ones were drawn to the more messy experiments where things would go “boom”, whereas the senior pupils were a little more interested in understanding the reactions themselves. I think we managed to strike a good balance between giving explanations and getting pupils actively involved,” noted Joseph Hua when asked about how the younger Wellingtonians responded to the experiments on offer. Not only was the event a great success, the Year 13s who put it together hope that it will be the start of an ongoing trend of pupil-led science events at Wellington College, as Shirley explained: “We wanted to inspire the younger pupils and show them that they could put on their own science-related events if they wanted to. We’re the college’s first Year 13 group so it was great to show the younger year groups that if they have an idea then they can bring it to their teachers who will listen to them and help make it happen.”