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Meet our Head of Science

20 February 2017
After months of preparation, Wellington College’s annual Science Week is finally here. The whole school is filled with excitement and its pupils are ready to engage in all kinds of intriguing activities and experiments. Science Week is one of the annual highlights and most memorable events of the school calendar. It creates an interactive and hands-on environment to help pupils further their understanding and enjoyment of all things scientific. There is a huge variety of activities pupils can get involved in throughout the whole college, including the opportunity to construct a working telescope, create colourful bath bombs, build rockets, isolate their own DNA and watch spectacular shows from our teachers and sixth formers. Science week is more than just a fun week, it is a celebration of our philosophy of creating enthusiastic, curious and inquisitive students. At Wellington College we believe in a skills-based curriculum which not only engages but equips pupils with the ability to think critically, analytically and creatively, allowing them to collaborate and share ideas with other scientifically-minded individuals. These skills are essential for any pupil to be successful in a wide range of industries and career paths, as they prepare themselves to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing world. Dr Charles Debieux Head of Science