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Santa splash winter invitational swim meet

03 December 2016
Wellington Swim Squad participated in the Santa Splash Swim Meet last Saturday on Dec 3rd, with the largest team of 65 swimmers.  There were some young swimmers from the “Feeder Squad” of Years 1 & 2, who were experiencing a swimming competition for the very first time. The swim meet started with a warm up at 6:45am and the day ended at 5:30pm, a full day competition. Even though it was a first experience for the young “feeder squad” swimmers, they all worked hard and achieved their personal bests during the day. Overall, our Wellington squad came 2nd place among all 9 international schools. Audrey won the 3rd place of the Under-8 Girls’ trophy, Tommaso won the 2nd place of Under-8 Boys’ trophy, Anna won the 2nd place of 9/10 Girls’ trophy and Agnes won 1st place of 11/12 Girls’ trophy. The Santa Splash Winter Invitational Swim Meet was a great opportunity for the young swimmers from the “feeder squad” to experience their first swim competition and a great day of achievements for all.