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Have to dance competition results

18 November 2016
As a co-curricular activity, dance is greatly emphasised at Wellington. Through dance, pupils develop skills that are valuable for achievement in other areas of their education and broader lives. The Have to Dance competition provides a platform to promote teamwork, boost confidence levels and inspire pupils to connect culturally through the art of dance. On Thursday 3rd November, Wellington theatre came alive with the second annual Have to Dance competition. The process started in August when the competition was launched to the Upper Prep School and Senior School. The pupils were asked to form a group or compete as a solo artist and create a piece of completed choreography independently. In October, 10 groups and solo artists auditioned for the panel. This year the competition was extremely fierce, displaying a big rise in standard from last year and we were unable to choose between the ten. There were so many different styles and production values that each of the groups progressed into the final competition. Each group was given a mentor with whom they worked for three sessions. The mentors provided constructive criticism of the piece and help the performance to progress. The final competition was of an extremely high standard, evident by the support received from the school audience as they clapped, cheered and stamped their approval. The judges had an extremely tough decision, and they were forced to award two competitors the runner up prize. The competition illustrated the talent, ability and individuality of dance at the College and it is evident from the competition how much this has grown over the past year. We are now extremely excited as more events are coming soon. Winners: Cupcake Dynamite: Cheryl and Kayla Runners-up: Stefano and Moksh Twilite: Alice, Trisha, Keira, Ruby, Constance, Alexandra, and Elisabeth Chloe Spencer Drama teacher