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Year 9 Geography trip

11 October 2016
Year 9 Geography trip

On Tuesday 27 September, Year 9 geographers set off from the College and went to both Nanhuizui Guanhai Park and Houtan Wetlands Park, to explore the real life impacts of climate change on Shanghai. After arriving at Nanhuizui Guanhai Park, the group learnt about the different types of coastal protection and completed a fieldwork sheet to collate data in preparation for their individual reports upon return. The group then had the challenging, yet amusing, task of putting together a video to discuss and reflect on what they had learnt that morning.

In the afternoon, the geographers set off to Houtan Wetlands Park, where a completely different approach to flood management has been put in place. The group pulled together data on the area and in particular looked at how ‘soft engineering’ approaches had been implemented in the area to protect against flooding. After working hard on the fieldwork sheets, the pupils had the opportunity to explore the stunning 1.7-kilometer long wetlands, under some warm and pleasant weather.

The trip proved to be both enjoyable and productive, as it gave the pupils a useful real-life perspective into what they had been learning in classrooms and allowed them to gather vital data for their upcoming reports.