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A scuba trip with certifications and more

10 October 2016
Wellington College’s annual scuba diving trip to Anilao was again a roaring success, with eleven students qualifying as PADI open water divers, six reaching PADI advanced open water diver status and four making it all the way to PADI rescue diver and one (aged just 10) getting her PADI adventure diver qualification. Courage – one of Wellington’s core values, makes up the bedrock of a Wellingtonian's character. The trip was a great opportunity for our pupils to demonstrate that they understand and know how to behave and react with the Wellington core values instilled. From travelling overseas on their own, mastering their very natural fears of the deep blue sea, to the momentous action of diving into a vast space of the unknown, it is courage that helps them move forward confidently. This trip has also taught our pupils to think and act independently even in the most difficult situations. Independent - this Wellington identity is reinforced in every dive as situations like running low on air, or the current being too strong, happen all the time. Staying calm when something goes wrong is what pupils can easily translate into their everyday life. Moreover, scuba diving is a fantastic way to teach our pupils to truly appreciate their planet, the environment and nature. Some of us were treated to the chance to swim with dolphins, octopus, cuttlefish, stingrays, squids and even turtles for a few enchanting moments. The pure pleasure, wonder and awe of interacting with, and being up close to, the amazing marine creatures deepens pupils’ conviction to make a difference in their daily lives to benefit the oceans. We are all looking forward to our next underwater adventure. Shane Hambling Swim coach Housemaster of Combermere