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It is Science Week at Wellington

28 December 2015

It is Science Week at Wellington

Every Wellington pupil, from Early Years to Senior School, will take part in an exciting week of scientific discovery.  The activities on offer range from a hands-on frog dissection and paper plane competition to an chemical elements treasure hunt and a ‘Burn Stuff’ afternoon lab session, all designed to capture the imagination of every pupil.

Graeme Littler, Head of Science at Wellington College Shanghai, is keen to promote the overlaps between the sciences and other subjects, especially the arts.  Wellington’s Eight Aptitudes are incorporated into activities which encourage pupils to think not only logically, but socially, not forgetting culturally and morally amongst other considerations.

Throughout the week, pupils will work on a collaborative art mural, and the College choir and school band will perform in the main school assembly - the theme of which will be ‘recognising patterns’ - at the end of the week.  On Wednesday, the Senior School will come together to watch the sci-fi classic ‘Blade Runner’ in the Theatre.

Mr. Littler stresses the importance of collaboration within the College, for this reflects the wider science community, which is naturally collaborative.  Scientists from different social backgrounds, religions and countries work together for the benefit of many, continuously communicating their latest scientific discoveries and hypotheses.

Science Week is designed to grab the interest of pupils by looking outside the mainstream academic curriculum.  Whether pupils primarily identify themselves as a musician, artist or sportsman, the cross-curricular activities encourage pupils to view science as integral to their strongest disciplines.