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Wellington pupils get first-hand experience at our first Farmers’ Market

28 December 2015

Wellington pupils get first-hand experience at our first Farmers’ Market

What better way could there be for the younger pupils at Wellington College to celebrate a topic with the theme of Food, than for them to invite Kate & Kimi’s Farmers’ Market to the College’s Cafeteria? On Wednesday 11th February, a variety of local vendors welcomed Wellington’s Early Years & Key Stage 1 pupils for an afternoon of ‘shopping’, exploring, and learning lots about the production of food.

After completing the series of lessons surrounding food and nutrition, it was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to put their new skills to the test in real, practical situations.

It was a superb learning opportunity, rich in language and sensory experiences. The pupils could see, feel, smell and taste different types of food and raw ingredients, as well as take a role in the market as buyer or seller. Key Stage 1 pupils were expected to use the language associated with such roles and take part in a real life event.

The pupils were responsible for making their own independent choices in how to spend their money, and what tempting choices there were – tough decisions had to be made. This kind of hands-on learning experience is key part of Wellington’s unique creative curriculum.

After one hour dedicated to those lucky and excited children, the market then opened up to the whole Wellington community. Parents, families and staff were invited to sample and shop for their vegetables and groceries from the local vendors. At the end of the market it was clear to everyone concerned that this had been a very successful and enjoyable afternoon, one that will doubtless be repeated sometime not too far in the future.