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The Olympic pool at age 6

15 May 2015
Last week, the Wellington College swim team took part in a competition held at the Oriental Sports Centre. The ten lane Olympic style swimming pool is 50m in length. The opportunity to compete long-length was exciting because most school events are held in 25m swimming pools. Crystal Rao in Year 2 was the youngest participant and says this of the competition: ‘When I first saw the big swimming pool, I was scared that I couldn’t win. The diving block was high above the water. But when I started swimming, I felt very excited. My Mummy came to watch me and she was cheering and clapping with the rest of the crowd. When I finished my length, I realised that there was nothing to be scared of. I knew Mummy and Mr Hambling were very proud of me.’ Crystal and the rest of the swim team displayed tremendous courage throughout the competition and Wellington congratulates them on their efforts.