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H2O Polo friendly match at SCIS PD

10 May 2015
Wednesday 6th May, five determined young athletes took the opportunity to be the first to write Wellington history by departing to SCIS Pudong for the College’s first competitive water polo match. On our arrival, the team familiarized themselves with the swimming pool and the playing area. After meeting their opposition, which left them feeling a little intimidated, by their size, the numbers of players they had to call on and the age difference, our team took to the pool for a thorough warm up and some tactical practice. This being a friendly training match, and our side significantly outnumbered, both teams agreed that they were going to play a few matches where every player would be involved equally. The main goal of the event was that both sides gain some competitive experience, learn new skills and techniques and how to implement tactics and most importantly, have lots of fun. Each game was played with 4 athletes in the water and the others as substitutions entering on a rotational basis. Despite Water Polo being one of the most physically demanding and exhausting sports, our five players managed to keep up with the opposition, even with being outnumbered and significantly younger than the opposition. With what should have been a real disadvantage, our team rallied together and managed to win the first match by a two goals difference. In the second match, the opposition’s stamina and home advantage began to come in to affect. Playing against the best and most experienced students from the SCIS team, where the age difference, power and experience began to shine through. The final match was more of an exhibition where both schools mixed athletes and played for fun and experience. Our team consisted of James, Tom, Nathan, Damian and Matteo who were nothing less than outstanding in their performances, demonstration great attitudes, skills and determination during the games. Both teams came away from the event having learnt a great deal about the sport and we hope, that this first event will usher in a new era of competitive Water Polo for the international schools community.