11 November 2020

Upper Prep Housemaster – Alison Perry

William, Prince of Orange, eldest son of King William I of the Netherlands, grew up in exile in England and Prussia because his father had been overthrown. He joined the British Army and, because of his royal status, was quickly promoted to senior rank. He saw several of Wellington’s battles in the Peninsula and led a small force at the Battle of Quatre Bras, two days before Waterloo.

At Waterloo itself he was injured during the unsuccessful attempt to defend La Haie Sante farm. In his despatch after the battle, Wellington wrote that the Prince had ‘distinguished himself by his gallantry and conduct till he received a wound from a musket ball through the shoulder, which obliged him to quit the field.’ William later reigned as King William II of the Netherlands from 1840 to 1849.

The Orange at Wellington College Berkshire opened to boys in 1863. In 2006 it moved to a new building and became a girls’ House.