11 November 2020

Upper Prep Housemaster – Anna Bannister

Henry Hardinge was a career soldier who joined the British Army at the age of fourteen. By twenty-three he was serving as an officer in the Peninsular Campaign, where he fought in many major battles and was rapidly promoted. He may have been responsible for the victory at Albuera by taking responsibility at a critical moment and strongly urging General Cole’s division to advance.

In the Waterloo campaign he was attached to the allied Prussian Army under Marshal Blucher. At the Battle of Ligny his left hand was shot off, preventing him from fighting at Waterloo two days afterwards.

Later he entered politics and served as Secretary at War in Wellington’s ministry, before being appointed Governor-General of India in 1844. In 1846 he was made 1st Viscount Hardinge.

The Hardinge at Wellington College Berkshire opened in 1865 and is now a Sixth Form House for boys and girls.