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13 December 2020

Security is a top priority at Wellington, and security guards are stationed on campus to uphold safety and security regulations. Every person admitted on campus is required to wear a school access pass at all times. Visitors without a school access pass (including those who have forgotten their pass) must register with the security department. To gain entrance to the College, they must submit a form of photo identification (passport, driver's license, etc.) to the security guards in exchange for a temporary pass. Identification will be returned to visitors upon departure from campus. 


Fire safety

Fire evacuation plans are prominently displayed in each classroom. In the event of a fire alarm, teachers will escort pupils from their classrooms or play areas to the central assembly point, where registers will be taken. Fire drills are conducted once every term.


School closures

School closures may be necessary due to important government events, inclement weather or in the event of an emergency. The health and safety of our pupils is the primary consideration in all actions taken in such situations. In the case of government events, the Education Commission usually notifies the College in advance, all parents and staff will be notified via SMS as well as a message on the College website. Should a closure be necessary while school is in session, the Principal will inform teachers when pupils may be released. Pre-Prep and Prep pupils must be collected from the classroom by a parent or nominated guardian as soon as possible. The Principal will determine whether school buses can run. If deemed safe, pupils will be dismissed to their buses. All other pupils will remain on campus under teacher supervision until a parent or nominated guardian arrives to take them home. If College buildings must be evacuated, all pupils will exit in an orderly fashion. Pupils will be kept at the designated meeting place or other suitable location until parents can arrange to collect them.