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Air quality policy

11 December 2020

There are occasions when we experience poor air quality in Shanghai. At Wellington College International Shanghai, we make every effort to provide a safe learning environment for our children. Therefore, we have put the following systems and procedures in place. 

Wellington College International Shanghai provides Honeywell brand air purification systems in all classrooms and offices. All fresh air systems are fitted with suitable purification devices and filters. These are electronic air cleaners, rather than the less effective lower-cost filter machines. 

We monitor pollution levels regularly throughout each school day, using the information provided by the local authorities. To provide the most accurate possible reading for the College, the AQI index is measured at several sites across Shanghai, and we combine the average readings for the three sites closest to the school. These are the Shanghai Normal College Primary Division, Shanghai Normal University and the Shanghai US Consulate. We review the AQI at the beginning of the day, before morning break time, before lunch and before the start of after school activities. The readings are then emailed to all college staff so that the appropriate measures in the table below can be implemented. We also take a reading at 7:30am each Saturday morning and email our relevant staff. If the AQI is over 175 on a Saturday morning, parents may be contacted with further instructions regarding their child’s Academy session. 


Level  AQI  Colour  Air Quality  Pupil Activities  Procedures 
0-100  Green  Good  Normal  No additional procedures 
101-149  Yellow  Mild/ Moderate Pollution  Normal  Doors and windows closed. All air purifiers on. 
150-174  Orange  Mild/ Moderate Pollution  Pupils with respiratory problems excused from outdoor activities  Doors and windows closed. All air purifiers on. 
≥175  Red  Moderate/ Heavy Pollution  No outdoor activities  Doors and windows closed. All air purifiers on. 


All classroom teachers are responsible for ensuring that windows and doors in their classrooms are closed when the air quality is poor. The school nurse or bursar is responsible for monitoring the latest information and ensuring that all staff are kept informed. PMC are responsible for placing the correct coloured signs at all main entrances to the College. They are also responsible for ensuring all external doors, and corridor windows are kept closed when the air quality is poor.