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Wellington wins multiple accolades at ISB Bangkok Splash Swim Meet

16 March 2018
On 10-11 March, the Wellington Swim Squad took part in the Annual ISB Splash Swim Meet in Bangkok, Thailand. Every swimmer in the team had trained their hardest in preparation for achieving their personal best times and giving their best possible performance. We had an early start on Saturday morning, but I could tell that everybody felt motivated and excited. The first day saw us enjoying great success, as the team won 5 bronze, 8 silver and 4 gold medals. In addition, we also secured three 2nd place age group height point trophies – won by Tommaso, Agnes and Jade. The next day, our swim times were scored by the Hy-Tek system, where each time is compared to the world average for your age category, 1000 points being the world record. Tommaso managed to get a phenomenal score of 907.44 points, making him the highest Hy-Tek individual point scorer for the boys. Another great statistic that highlights the team’s success at this year’s ISB Splash Swim Meet is that Wellington was the third highest “average point per swimmer” team out of a total of 22 competing teams. On behalf of the swim squad, we would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Miladinovski and Mrs Colombo for organising this amazing trip, and for training and supporting us as swimmers.   Jade Franetzki Year 8