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Wellington College International Shanghai starts with A*s galore

29 August 2016
Wellington College International Shanghai is celebrating exceptional IGCSE results achieved by its first IGCSE group.  The most common grade was overwhelmingly an A*, achieved by 41% of the 180 exam entries, with an A grade the next most common grade.  Two thirds of exam entries resulted in A*s or As; and two thirds of all pupils had an average grade of A or above. There were some exceptional subject achievements, including the foreign language results with Mandarin at 100% A* grades and 88% A* in all foreign languages subjects. An impressive 72% of pupils claimed an A* in mathematics IGCSE. 80% achieved the top grade in additional mathematics, a higher level course. Outstanding achievement by pupils was the norm, with 55% of the students at Wellington achieving eight or more A* or A grades. The top performer was Max Dyckerhoff with a perfect set of 11 A* grades. Max is a great representative of the Wellington culture which focuses on all aspects of pupils’ development, including in sport, the arts and leadership. An outstanding footballer, Max has turned down the opportunity of a place with the youth team of a premier German club and is taking up a prestigious academic scholarship for IB at Wellington, rather than going to Munich. Another exceptional achievement was by Ken Lee, who achieved full marks in each of his mathematics papers and is therefore one of the top mathematics achievers worldwide. Eleanor Prescott, the Head of Senior School, said, “What a wonderful achievement by our inaugural IGCSE cohort.  We celebrate their efforts and thank all those at Wellington who contributed to their success.” The college Master, Gerard MacMahon, commented, “We are very proud of these pupils.  Our aim is to be the best international school in Shanghai, where standards are already the best in the world.  This group of boys and girls have enjoyed a rich and vibrant school experience to complement their academic studies.  By achieving such outstanding grades, they’ve demonstrated that our holistic approach leads to examination success as well as developing confident, happy, talented and resilient young adults.” The college opened in Shanghai in 2014 and now has over 750 pupils aged 2 to 18.  Find out more about academic scholarships at Wellington by contacting