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Far more than just an After School Activity programme

28 December 2015

Far more than just an After School Activity programme

Our After School Activity programme is now well under way with over 70 activities running over the course of the week. All of our pupils from Year 3 up are required to join into an activity every day, and we have been impressed with the take up in Years 1 – 2.

With dozens of sports, there is never a quiet moment on our pitches, pools, courts and track, ranging from rowing to rugby; swimming to skipping to squash; we have boxing and badminton; there is netball, basketball and football on offer; even time for a good gym session, or a relaxing yoga class. With so many choices, we like to keep our pupils on their toes, in the tennis courts, and elsewhere.

Like all things at Wellington, our After School Activity programme takes a holistic approach, not only do we use this time for sporting and physical activities, but we run a wide range of intellectual, cultural, linguistic and social activities.

Our Chinese department uses the activity time to further prepare pupils for life in China, with various levels of Mandarin classes, from ‘Fun Mandarin’ to higher levels, and for those who want a taste of Chinese culture we offer calligraphy classes, Chinese painting, and even an origami class.

The Music department is always buzzing, and during activity times, pupils get a chance to explore more unique avenues of the subject, from a distance you can hear the drumming group, but once you are in the department, the choir, woodwind, string, and wind ensembles enjoy the impressive sound proof rooms to pursue musical excellence. The Electronic Music Production activity is popular, trying out DJing, and music production. We are looking forward to hearing the results of these activities at the Wellington College Music inaugural concert on the 25th of September.

We cannot forget about the amazing selection of performing arts on offer, leading up to this years pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk, our performers are keeping busy with rehearsing already. A wide range of dance is also available, from Ballet to Jazz.

Already, some fantastic work have been coming out of our art activities as well as our graphic design and photography clubs. We are looking forward to seeing the first College magazine that is well underway for this term.

With much more than we can possibly mention here, a full list is on the activity section of the website, the quality and diversity really speaks to the remarkable teaching staff we have here. We love how the College feels every afternoon during activity time, and there are plenty of surprises when you look around, from French to Minecraft, every corner of the campus is unique, far more than just an After School Activity programme.